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Josh Callaway is an Australian Keyboard player and vocalist...

Josh began his music career in numerous bands in the 1980's in Newcastle, including: The Lost Boys with Josh Callaway: vocalist and keyboard player, Steve Mitchell, Hilton Goodsir, Clayton Sinclair and Tim McLean. 

In the 1990's Josh played keyboards in the Newcastle based Arvidson - Price: formerly Rain and renamed Bliss. Members included: Stephen Price, Daniel Arvidson and Dave Carter. The Curvettes with Karyn Payne, Paula Best, Kate White, Michael Stove, Steven Boyd and Steve Wilson. Finger Bun with Bob Corbett, Josh Callaway: keyboards and vocals, Mick King and Chris Lowe: drums. Glam Gods with: Ron Bult, Dennis Butler, Steve 'Mac' McLennan, Brian McVernon, Brad Duncan, Peter Hoolahan, Peter Lindsay and NgarikiHussy with Michael Stove and Ron Bult. Mr Jinx with Dave Carter and Ken Jewel. Organ with Michael Stove and Tyrone Penshorn. Tokin Whitey: Sharon Dormer, T K, Kim Pink, Romano Kolo, Josh Callaway: keyboards, Kent Jackson, Ngariki and Fred Feletti.

Throughout the late nineties Josh Callaway played keyboards in Yiante (pronounced Yun-Tay). Members of Yiante included: Ian Sandercoe: vocals, Robert 'Bobby Sox' Matthew: bass, Craig Lancaster: drums, Tony Heaney: keyboards and Paul Elliot: guitar. The band changed members: David Carter replaced Robert 'Bobby Sox' Matthews on bass; Craig Lancaster was replaced by Chris Lowe on drums and Paul Elliot was replaced by Ngariki on guitar, Tony Heaney was replaced by Josh Callaway on keyboards and Steve 'Mac' Mclennan replaced Chris Lowe in 1997 on drums.

Josh Callaway played guitar on the track Sugar Train with Ian Sandercoe, Sam Aulton, Justin 'Ngariki' Bolth and Kerry Miller, recorded at Fresh Milk Studio's Dungog.

The album titled Yiante Bloodfire by Ian Sandercoe made its way to London, and was used as pre-show music for Dein Perry's Tap Dogs. Two songs from the album Freebound and Preacher were used in the film Bootmen.

In the 00's Josh played keyboards in the Newcastle band: The Beagles with Crystal Young, Phil Belamy, Chris Lee and Robbie Brollo. Past players included: Ross Young and Matt Kiley. Blues Bombers with Flash Sheedy, Mick King, Josh Callaway: keyboards and vocals and Kerry Miller. Past Players include: Nick Raschke, Dino Di Vitas and Ron Bult. Boom Box previously Apostrophe 'M' with: Marissa Saroco, TK, Josh Callaway: keyboards and vocals, Kent Jackson and Romana Kolo. Play with Bob Corbett and Mick King.

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